Choosing A Dance Studio: Three Things To Consider

23 February 2017
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A number of factors play a role in the quality of a dance studio. The right program can nurture your child by teaching them the proper technique, enhancing their self esteem, improving their physical fitness, and adding to their overall enjoyment. Choosing a dance studio requires a lot of research to ensure that you make the right choice for your child. Here three things you should consider if you're interested in placing your child in a tap dance program.

Class Size

Smaller class sizes are ideal because they allow your child to receive more personalized attention. Studies show that class size is a determining factor in how well the student learns and is directly correlated with successful outcomes. Large class sizes can cause children to become lost and fall behind as they try to pick up new techniques. With so many children in the class, your child may become overwhelmed and may miss out on personalized instruction. A class with fewer students provides more opportunity for your child to express themselves and allows the teacher to more closely monitor your child's progress.

Staff and Graduate Experience

Just as you would with a potential academic program, you should check into a potential dance school's résumé. Find out what experience the staff has. A quality school will have instructors that have professional dance experience. You want teachers who know what it's like and what it takes to dance professionally to work closely with your child to provide guidance and instruction. In addition to well-qualified instructors, it's a good idea to find out whether the school has professional graduates. Find out whether students who graduate from dance programs at the institution go on to dance in a professional capacity. This is particularly important if your child has expressed an interest in going on to pursue a professional career in dance. 

Available Programs

Even if you already know that your child is interested in tap, for example, it's a good idea to find out what other dance programs are available at the studio. Many students will want to learn a variety of dance styles, especially if they plan to pursue a career in dance. Find out how long the classes last and the age groups of the students for each program. The goal is to enroll your child in programs that are based on age ranges and skill level as opposed to combination classes that combine skill levels. Combination classes prevent your child from truly attaining the technique, artistry, and competency necessary. 

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