Guitar Lessons For The Beginning Student

28 February 2017
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Learning to play a musical instrument is a never-ending adventure that will give you a great deal of pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. If the guitar is your instrument of choice, you can teach yourself the basics and then, with practice and some lessons, you can advance to more complex tunes and fingering. Here are some ways that you can begin to learn to play the guitar:   

Buy A Guitar - You can learn to play guitar on an acoustic or electric instrument. Choose one that is proportionate to your size so that you can reach the far end of the fretboard without stretching. While learning to play, you can sit with your guitar so that it is resting on one leg and is close to your stomach and chest. 

Tune Your Guitar - Tune your guitar by matching the notes on a piano or an electric tuner. Keep your guitar in tune, because you are training your ear to hear music as you train your hands to play music. 

Learn To Read Chord Charts - Guitar chord charts show you where to place your fingers on the fretboard for chords that move in a natural progression. These charts are available in guitar song books and on the internet. Download these charts and practice progressing from one chord to another. Learn songs that you like, and challenge yourself to learn classic guitar compositions from the past. All of these different music genres will help you master the guitar. 

Learn Strumming Variations - You can strum your guitar with upstrokes and downstrokes in a variety of combinations. Strum your guitar with your wrist and let your strumming arm rest on the face and top of your guitar. Practice different strumming techniques for the different songs that you wish to play. 

Take Guitar Lessons - You can learn to play guitar from lesson books and from videos on the internet; however, you can learn easier and faster by taking guitar lessons. When you take guitar lessons, you sit across from a knowledgeable teacher who can see how you hold your guitar, how you place your hands on the fretboard, how you strum the strings, and how you progress from one chord to another. A guitar teacher can correct your form and show you the ways that experienced guitar players play their instruments. Guitar lessons are an invaluable resource. When you take guitar lessons, you will not only learn how to play tunes, but you will gain the technical knowledge of how a guitar works so that you can master it. 

Play With Other Guitar Players - Hang out with other guitar players and play music together. You can learn a lot by listening and watching other guitar players and you can teach each other playing techniques. 

Practice, Practice, Practice. - It goes without saying that you can never practice too much. Pick up your guitar whenever you have a few minutes and play. Experiment with new notes and progressions that you have heard and that you wish to learn. As with any instrument, the more you practice the guitar, the more you will be able to control it. 

Once you know the basics technique of playing guitar, you can compose your own tunes and compositions. At that point, you will not only be a guitar player, but you will be a musician. Contact a music studio, such as Lopez Studios Inc, for more information about taking lessons.