3 Things Your Vocal Coach Wishes You Knew

10 March 2017
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Taking singing lessons is a dream that many people have but few pursue. If you decide to enroll in lessons, you may develop a strong relationship with your vocal coach as they help you discover your potential and polish your talent. Here are three things that your vocal coach wish you knew.

You Are Admired, Not Judged, as a Beginner

If you are self-conscious in your first singing lesson, try to let that go. Your vocal coach isn't expecting to hear a prodigy or the most incredible voice in the world. They are open to hearing your voice and what you have to offer as a singer.

Since they likely started out as singers themselves, vocal coaches know how much courage it takes to put yourself out there and sing. They are going to be admiring you, not judging you, as you start your musical journey.

You're Never Too Experienced to Benefit From Coaching

Some new singers have an idea that they only need the help of a vocal coach for a couple of sessions, and then they will be ready to soar on their own. In nearly every situation, that is not the case. In fact, some people rely on vocal coaching throughout their entire career.

Michael Jackson used a vocal coach when he was recording his record-breaking smash hit "Thriller." Other stars who soar thanks to vocal coaching include Lucy Hale from "Pretty Little Liars," Demi Lovato, the late Prince, and Katy Perry.

Your Coach Is Your Biggest Ally and Cheerleader

A coach loves to work with students and see them thrive. Your vocal coach will be your closest ally in your musical career, letting you know when you need to step up your game. No matter how frustrated you may get, try to look at the big picture and realize that your vocal coach offers honest feedback because they want to see you go as far as you can.

If you want to successfully work with a vocal coach and get as much as you can from singing lessons, you need to be prepared to receive both positive and negative feedback. Your vocal coach won't overwhelm you with criticism, yet they also shouldn't give you praise constantly. You can expect to receive both, so try to be receptive to how both kinds of feedback can help you grow.

Finally, keep in mind that your vocal coach likely got into the profession because they love music and singing. Your vocal coach can help guide you to achieving your own personal goals as a singer, and taking singing lessons can help you in many ways beyond the newfound joy you are sure to find from being a better singer. 

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