Painting Workshops Teach You To Express Your Own Vision Of The World

24 June 2017
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Painting workshops teach you the rich tradition of painting three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface. These workshops can be taken at colleges, universities, and art centers in many locations. There are many disciplines and techniques that are taught in painting workshops. Here are some of the lessons that you can learn and experience when taking these classes: 

Still Life Painting: Painting classes often begin with still life painting that depicts objects on a table or surface in controlled light. Theses classes include the basic lessons of how to depict light, form, and color. A good still life painting class can teach you how to find interest and beauty in common objects such as fruit, flowers, books, vases, pots, baskets, table settings, and other objects. Backgrounds are often simplified in still life paintings to emphasize the objects being painted. 

Landscape Painting: Many classes are held outdoors where students are instructed on the basics of landscape painting. These classes can teach you how to use a painting's composition to direct the viewer's eye into the painting to see the deep perspective of a given landscape. Other painting techniques that are taught include how to paint atmosphere and weather in constantly changing light. The technique of underpainting is often taught in landscape classes, where you can learn to paint a color on your canvas or paper and then paint another color on top so that the first color shows through the top layers. This technique can help you to create depth and atmosphere. 

Figure Painting: Another class that is frequently taught in painting workshops is figure painting. This class uses the human body as a subject. The artistic depictions of light, form, and color are advanced in figure painting class and can express a feeling and show the beauty inherent in human activities. Figure painting classes often use historical and exotic settings to depict an uncommon view that is no longer available to see. 

Portrait Painting: You can also take portrait painting classes in many locations that teach you how to use a particular person as your subject. A good portrait painting class can show you how to paint emotion, attitude, and character in your painting. Lighting is very important in portrait painting as is underpainting and limiting your color palette for a powerful visual effect. 

Painting Mediums: Painting workshops can teach you how to paint in oils, watercolors, acrylics, inks, and mixed mediums. These different mediums are handled independently from each other and can give you many varied results. The painting techniques and effects that you learn in one medium are handled differently in other mediums. 

If you are creative and would like to learn the many aspects of painting, look for painting workshops near you. These workshops can give you a basic understanding of how to handle and manipulate different painting mediums and achieve many different results. Learning to paint is an ongoing endeavor that will give you much pleasure as you learn to paint your own vision of the world. 

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