Realistic Sculptures Could Look Nice By A Hotel's Pool

20 February 2020
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Swimming pools come with scores of benefits to hotel owners. Guests enjoy swimming pools for both leisure time and physical fitness purposes. Lounging around the pool can be much better than hanging inside the room on a hot day. So swimming pools do present some promotional and sales value to a hotel. Swimming pools might come with a drawback: they're often visually dull. A dull look doesn't inspire would-be guests driving by or looking at online sales literature. The addition of realistic sculptures, custom ones, could improve things immensely. 

The Look and Impressions

Realism infers a high level of detail. Mass-produced sculptures lacking an artist's custom touch don't look all that real. Think of the magnificent sculptures of antiquity. Some are so detailed they even feature fingerprints. While the sculptures placed near a swimming pool need not require touches that realistic, creating details such as eye-catching facial expressions would allow the sculptures to come somewhat alive. And that may help make them noticeable.

Think the Choice Through

Selecting generic sculptures might not lead to the best results. Hotel owners want to pick sculptures and art that make the best fit. If the hotel has a golf theme, then sculptures related to golf make sense. They'll blend well with the other visual and thematic aspects of the property. Also, they'll have marketing benefits. Someone interested in golf might not overlook a hotel with golf-oriented art by the pool. Ultimately, the sculptures contribute to sales.

Competition Looms, and Sculptures Help Out

Requesting appropriate custom sculptures might be worth the investment considering all the competition hotels face. App-based competitors complicate things even further. Hotels and motels should take steps to stand out from those competing for their customers. Creating an appearance of elegance might help, and placing realistic statues and other elegant decorations might yield a psychological effect. Potential guests may think the sculptures reflect greater things to come. That is, if the hotel goes so far to display beautiful artwork, maybe the high-class aspects extend to accommodations and room service. Seemingly unrelated touches, such as the presence of the artwork, might not go unnoticed. Maybe adding some similar artwork inside the lobby would be a good idea, too. When your competitors are lacking, your additional efforts and touches may stand out.

Of course, many other elements go into hotel marketing and beautification. The addition of realistic, custom, creative sculptures, however, might go a long way in support. Get in touch with a company like Realism in Stone Inc. to learn more.