Three Places To Buy An Art Collection

22 February 2021
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While many art enthusiasts amass collections over a period of time by buying pieces individually, this isn't the only way to approach owning a collection. Another idea — which is one that can save you a lot of time — is to buy a collection of several pieces at one time. If you like the idea of buying an entire collection at once, you'll want to give some thought to where you'll shop. There are a handful of options to consider when looking for art collections for sale, including the following three places.

Art Gallery

People often visit local art galleries to browse the various types of artwork and potentially buy a single piece that they can display in their homes. If you've decided that you want to buy an entire collection at once, however, starting at your local gallery can still be a good idea. Not only will the gallery have trained staff members who can help you to decide what you want, but many galleries have large selections of artwork and can sell you several pieces that form a collection. A gallery may have an entire collection for sale during your visit, or you may be able to leave your name and have the gallery contact you if a collection becomes available.

Estate Auction

Another place to think about looking for an art collection for sale is at an estate auction. Browse some online estate auction listings to take note of which of these sales will have art available. If the auction is selling items from the estate of someone who owned a large selection of art, you may be able to buy an entire collection — perhaps a number of pieces from one specific artist — in a single transaction. Estate auctions can be highly competitive environments, so it's important to give careful thought to exactly what you want and how much you're willing to spend before the auction begins.

Private Seller

While some people buy pieces of art and hang onto them indefinitely, others enjoy buying and selling individual pieces and even entire collections over time. Buying a collection from a private seller is possible, although you want to be certain about the authenticity and the value of the collection that you're buying. If the prospective seller has no objections, consider asking them if they'd want to take their collection to a local art gallery. There, an expert can assess the authenticity of each piece and even provide information about the market value of the collection. This will allow you to buy with confidence.