3 Animal Art Styles Used In Comic Strips

1 November 2021
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Animals are fascinating creatures on their own and they really come to life when written in comic form. As you read farm animal comic strips, you can appreciate the humor and storylines along with the way an artist creates animal designs. When you study the art, you will notice three common styles among most strips. Learn about what art styles to look for and how each once influences the design and style of farm animal comic strips. Read More 

Get Your Child Involved In Musical Theater

17 June 2021
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An online children's musical theater course will introduce your child to the performing arts and will provide support and a series of resources that will help your loved one feel confident about performing in front of a crowd. Choose a general course or one that focuses on a specific theme and help your loved one realize their full potential. Online Musical Theater Sessions Musical theater combines dancing, singing, and acting. A fictional or non-fictional story is brought to life through a performer's movements and the roles of the other characters they interact with. Read More 

Three Places To Buy An Art Collection

22 February 2021
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While many art enthusiasts amass collections over a period of time by buying pieces individually, this isn't the only way to approach owning a collection. Another idea — which is one that can save you a lot of time — is to buy a collection of several pieces at one time. If you like the idea of buying an entire collection at once, you'll want to give some thought to where you'll shop. Read More 

Realistic Sculptures Could Look Nice By A Hotel’s Pool

20 February 2020
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Swimming pools come with scores of benefits to hotel owners. Guests enjoy swimming pools for both leisure time and physical fitness purposes. Lounging around the pool can be much better than hanging inside the room on a hot day. So swimming pools do present some promotional and sales value to a hotel. Swimming pools might come with a drawback: they're often visually dull. A dull look doesn't inspire would-be guests driving by or looking at online sales literature. Read More 

Painting Workshops Teach You To Express Your Own Vision Of The World

24 June 2017
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Painting workshops teach you the rich tradition of painting three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface. These workshops can be taken at colleges, universities, and art centers in many locations. There are many disciplines and techniques that are taught in painting workshops. Here are some of the lessons that you can learn and experience when taking these classes:  Still Life Painting: Painting classes often begin with still life painting that depicts objects on a table or surface in controlled light. Read More